Gro High Cal supplies a wide variety of hydroponic products to aid in every stage of the plant growing cycle. We use the highest quality ingredients to aid in plant growth, root development, stress reduction, proper flowering and more! For more information on how our products can increase the health of your plants, visit our products page or give us a call!

Protoplasm A

PROTOPLASM A is specifically designed for use during the entire cycle of the plant.

PROTOPLASM A is formulated with “FOOD GRADE” ingredients to provide the highest quality ingredients while reducing the level of contaminants that could surppress growing and fruiting stages of the plant cycle. When combined with PROTOPLASM B, this product will aid in providing the proper nutrients needed for all stages of growth and bloom during the plant cycle.

PROTOPLASM A is PH balanced for optimal uptake. For best results, maintain a nutrient PH of 5-7.


Low pH levels will cause excessive availability of iron and manganese, which in turn leads to toxicity for plants

This solution is excellent for raising pH levels rapidly. PH Up has an extremely low level of phytotoxicity, no salts, and no chlorides. Repeat applications may be necessary to maintain optimum pH once it is reached.

PH Down

High pH levels translate into deficiencies of P, Fe, Mn, B, Cu, and Zn. In either case, plants are adversely affected with visible problems like stunted growth and poor appearance

This solution is excellent for lowering pH levels rapidly. PH Down is gentle on turf. With its non-burning formula, you won’t run into problems like root pruning, which is quite common when using harsher acids

Plump Juice

PLUMP JUICE is a proprietary formulation of Magnesium and lignosulfonic acid to be applied directly to the foliage of the plant.

PLUMP JUICE is derived from ingredients that aid in a “metered” uptake of the nutrient to reduce the potential for stress to the plant in the fruit development cycle.

PLUMP JUICE is PH balanced for optimum uptake.